Candied Strawberries

Candied Strawberries, Food Photography, Strawberries, NYC, Vkrees Photography, Vanessa Rees

I know, I know; this is an unusual time of year to be talking about strawberries. But something about these candied strawberries reminded me of Valentine’s day, so that’s my excuse.  I’m looking forward to making them in the summer when strawberries are at their prime.

Candied Strawberries, Food Photography, Strawberries, NYC, Vkrees Photography, Vanessa Rees

As I have mentioned previously, I try to challenge myself to do something new in each post. This time I wanted to try using only artificial light and dabble in some high speed photography. This was the result. I love playing around with new lighting setups. =)

The recipe for candied strawberries can be found on The Secret Life of a Chef’s Wife. These are gorgeous, tasty, and surprisingly simple to make.

Oh, and here is a picture of Marshall trying his best to hunt pigeons from the windowsill.

Vkrees Photography, NYC, Brooklyn, Still LIfe, Food Photography


shipra - utterly and completely captivated by your photography. You make me want to cook which is an absolute miracle. Thank you!

Beautiful food photography - [...] V.K Rees Photography [...]

tammy - Love the photos! Especially the strawberry splash. Thanks for the link!

Kiran @ - Simply gorgeous shots!! Amazing :)

The Prudent Homemaker - It’s strawberry season in Florida, and it’s almost strawberry season in California!

I love the splash photo!

Emily Segal - It IS strawberry season here in Israel! Great photos as always.

Lisa [With Style and Grace] - your photos are STUNNING, my goodness!

Sarah from 20something cupcakes - I had a thought for champagne cupcakes the other day, and these would be a perfect topping. Thank you for the inspiration and gorgeous photos!

Jes - Love the high speed strawberry splash! Plus I have some solar raised fresh strawberries to play with this week–candied strawberries sound perfect!

Kristina - I look forward to summer berries…

as always, these photos are stunning – love the water plunge.

Amy (Minimally Invasive) - Stunning images. I love the tones and light in all, but especially the action shots. I plan to take the plunge into artificial light soon, and can only hope to produce such lovely work when I do.

kat - such beautiful photography! i am in awww! :)

LIBIA PULIDO - and recipe???? lovely

Alex - Beautiful shots, as always! Makes me want to go play with my camera splashing water!

Cookie and Kate - Your work is absolutely stunning, Vanessa! I am truly in awe. You make these technically difficult photos look effortless… like magic. Love the glossy strawberry in the first photo and the splashes of water in the next.

cindy - these are just so dang gorgeous, I don’t even know what to say. I love this set of photos and the candied strawberry idea, lovely!

Jade Sheldon - Oh my, they look absolutely AMAZING! I was just putting together my sweetheart’s Valentine’s Day gift and I might just have to make these the day of to go right along with it.

Ruby - Candy and strawberries and two of my favorite words to hear. Yum. Also, I literally gasped when I saw these photos, I think they’re some of my favorites of yours so far!

Y - Gorgeous!

dana @ my little celebration - gorgeous, stunning photos Vanessa. Bravo!

elodie - your photographs are really amazing!
I didn’t get a chance to thank you for the useful tips on photography you gave us a few weeks ago.

One question: do you do any post production work to get that quality of light on your pictures? Beautiful!


Roy - That photo of Marshall is so beautiful! Really captures him well!

Sanda - Love the result.

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