Las Vegas, “IT’S HOT AS HELL!”

I recently went to Las Vegas for the SAVEUR Magazine food blog awards. Vegas is, well, interesting. But the bloggers and folks from SAVEUR mag that I met there made the trip totally worthwhile. I finally got around to looking at some of the photos I took while I was there and thought I’d share them with you guys.

A huge thank you to SAVEUR Magazine for making this happen. Especially Helen and Kristin!

A big hug to all the badass bloggers I met:

Sorry if I left anyone out! It was a whirlwind.

Roy (the boyfriend) and I woke up at 4:30 am so I could get some photos of the Vegas strip while it was empty and bathed in morning light. Roy is a trooper. <3


Aimee @ Simple Bites - Just love your photos!! Gosh that seems like so long ago already. Meeting you was a highlight for sure. Cheers!

cindy - Vegas is kind of a hot hellscape. My husband spent his freshman year of college there and hated it. It’s definitely a whole different world. I love these photos, though! way to wake up so early…and CONGRATS on the award, it’s totally deserved :)

Trisha @ Vignette - Congratulations on your award! You deserve it – love your photos and styling!

Kiran @ - Fantastic photos my friend :)

KIM+PHIL - Great chatting with you and Roy in Vegas! Hopefully we’ll get to meet up again sometime.

Ashlae - <3 U + ROY (and Marshall)

caralyn @ glutenfreehappytummy - i love your photography! it is STUNNING!

Averie @ Averie Cooks - Congrats on the award, your trip, and on meeting so many fun other bloggers! Woot! Gorgeous pics of Vegas!

leanne - I’ve never visited Vegas, but your pictures are fantastic! They capture just what Ive pictured it to be :) Awesome!

February 2013

This is another “this is what I’ve been up to” post. I promise to create new content for the blog soon!

First of all, I did some photos that will become the packaging for herbs, spices, and oils. I can’t wait to share the end product!

I’ve been wrapping up a few images from Isa Chandra’s new cookbook “Isa Does It”

And finally, a few of my photos are in the March/April issue of VegNews magazine. Here is two of them. Check out the issue if you get a chance. =)

Thanks for reading! You guys rule.

Jen @ Savory Simple - These are all so beautiful! Is there a way to get new posts from your site delivered by email? I’m not seeing the option in feedburner.

Elodie (Framing Plates) - I can’t get enough of your photographs Vanessa! They are absolutely stunning, as always. You are a true inspiration.

Roberta - Wow! you work as a photographer is stunning! Thanks for sharing!Roberta

Roberta - Wow you work as a photographer is stunning! Thanks for sharing!

Kiran @ - Absolutely in love with your photography — and can wait to get my hands on Isa’s book!!

Allison F. - Whoops- egg article, I should say!

Allison F. - I don’t normally comment, but your photos are SO striking. There’s nothing I love more than amazing colors popping off a black background. Fantastic! I can’t wait for Isa’s new book, and I’m definitely intrigued by this vegan egg book, as well! Keep up the great work, please, for all of us :)

Jennifer - love love love the spice shot so dramatic it’s great!

Lillian - Your spice photographs are superb, I love how you have just highlighted the spices on the spoons
Lillian Spibey Photography

Emily {Jelly Toast} - I love your ‘what I’ve been up to’ posts! Your work is incredible and I am very excited to see the spice packaging that these photos are for. Beautiful!

FoodFeud - That caper (?) shot with the mist is gorgeous!

Amy | Minimally Invasive - I’d buy any spice, herb or oil that was packaged with such stunning photos! Beautiful work all around, as always. Did you do all of the food & prop styling yourself, too?

Evan - So beautiful! Isa’s cookbook is going to be a work of art

Jes - I love the moody spice shots–great work!

Ashley - That olive photo! All of these photos! I can never get enough of your photography. You are something else, Vanessa! xo

January 2013 – Whew!

Hello everyone! Happy 2013! Wow, this year could not have started off any better. Once again, I’ve been too swamped with work to create content for the blog so I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to lately.

First, some exciting news! I’ve been nominated for Best Food Photographer by the [Framed] Awards. Today is the last day to vote. Take a minute to vote if you feel like it. =) Be sure to spend some time looking at the featured artists. Some incredible talent here.

Most of January was dedicated to finishing up the photographs for Isa Chandra’s new cookbook “Isa Does It.” I’ve had so much fun working on her cookbook. I’m sad that the project is coming to an end. Here are a few of my favorite shots:

I also squeezed in a shoot for a flower and candy company called H.Bloom. Imagine these photos as the background of an iPhone application. =)

I did a shoot for a magazine but they ended up not being able to use this image because of a concept change. I’m bummed about it so I’m going to share it here to try to make up for it. =)

And finally, here is a photo of mine that is in the most recent issue of BUST magazine.

I think I’m going through and overhead photo phase…

Till next time! xo.


ナイキ エアマックス - I’d have to check with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also

Liren - Clearly, you’ve been up to some beautiful things! Gorgeous work, truly.

Reem | Simply Reem - Beautiful Pictures Vanessa!
These pics are just so gorgeous!

Ashley - Look at all of your incredible work! What an amazing January you’ve had. Wow. I’m continually impressed by what you do. A true talent!

Linnea - I am so inspired by your work! I actually just saved the macaron/flower image as my phone’s background. I love it!

Hannah - Thoroughly loving your overhead shots here- Not an easy perspective to pull off. I was just wondering, if I might be so bold to ask, if you use a special rig or tripod to accomplish them? I’ve always just done the step ladder and hand-holding approach, and end up with shaky shots or tilted angles as a result. I’d love to get some recommendations for the “correct” method…

Sarah - WOW. You certainly have earned that nomination. Good luck!

Angela - What an honour to be nominated! I voted for you. :) While I love so many of the nominees, your veggie inspired photography will always win my heart. Goodluck!

Oh and the shots of Isa’s recipes look incredible. So excited for this book. I can relate to the overhead shots thing too. I’m shooting the photography for my cookbook and I find overhead shots seem to work so well for this type of publication.

Emma - This post just proves why you deserve that nomination- seriously beautiful photographs! Congratulations!
Excited for Isa’s cookbook too…

Kierstan - Loving all the shots of the soups/stews! On a day like today, everyone needs to have a pot of whatever those are bubbling away on their stove!

Beautiful shots.

Jes - I’m loving the shots you did for Isa’s new book–incredible!

Michelle - You have a beautiful talent. These are stunning photos!

Caitlin - gorgeous photos, vanessa! congratulations on all your successes! you are incredibly talented.