Vegetable Buns

So today’s post is not a recipe. I just want to share one of my favorite foods with you: vegetable buns from Hunan Delight. Hunan Delight is in the middle of Park Slope, Brooklyn and has some of the best vegetarian Chinese food I’ve ever had. It’s not the first thing to pop into most people’s minds when thinking of vegetarian food in Park Slope, but the veg selection on their menu is outstanding. I’m picky about the level of greasiness in my Chinese food and Hunan Delight has the perfect amount.

These veggies buns are warm, fluffy, and light. I’m eager to try and make them at home. What makes these so amazing is the bread is not doughy, it’s light and, well, bread-y. I’ve yet to find a recipe that promises a bread-like texture instead of a dumpling-like texture. Please share if you know of one!

Two things I want to mention real quick:

  1. I put up a new portfolio page! I’m still tweaking it but this is the core of it. If you have a moment, check it out and let me know your thoughts. =)
  2. I won’t be posting for about a week. I’ll be out of town for awhile to be a bridesmaid in my dear friend Lauren’s wedding. I’m so excited to be part of her day! The dresses we are wearing are adorable. Lauren is an amazingly talented polaroid photographer and jewelry maker. You should totally check her out on etsy.

Judy Leung - The buns are gorgeous in this fabulous setting. Really wish I have your artistic abilities. Maybe you can share some of your tips. Many thanks!

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batya - I just discovered you through Pinterest and decided to check out your site. I’m a native NYer who just left Brooklyn to be near the mountains (!), but I used to eat at Hunan Delight whenever I got a Chinese-food craving. They used to have a vegetarian “Birds Nest”– that was pretty addictive. Next time I’m visiting my folks, I’ll check out their vegetable buns. Your photographs are GORGEOUS. And the buns look so good! I never realized how nice Hunan Delight’s food could look until now :) Any chance you can get their recipe :)

Veronique Perrot - Oh they look beautiful. I wish I could make them myself :)

V.K.Rees Photography - Vegan Yack Attack Hah! Let me know if you find a good one. =)

vkrees - Thanks Mandee! =)

Mandee - Ohhh, they look so good! It’s been so long since I’ve had dumplings.

Love your new portfolio page, too! And those bridesmaids dresses are lovely – have a great time!

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Jackie @ Vegan Yack Attack! - Damn, you got my hopes up! But, now, I’m sitting here drooling over these beautiful pictures. I’ll need to find a good recipe, too!

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lazysmurf - I have this great book called “Dumplings from around the world” it is really thorough and wonderful, I bet you’d love it. I remember the recipe from the chinese buns being very bready.

Jes - I’ve never been able to find a vegetable bun (all are pork filled)–those look incredible! Also, your portfolio page is great (definitely need to get on mine soon)!!

Jojo - Those look so good!

mel - I have a bao recipe on my old blog. Steaming is magical! They seem sad and boring while rising, but just a few seconds inside the steamer and they puff up like clouds!

Caitlin - in all the years that i enjoyed chinese food before going vegan or gluten-free, i never had a bun! they look so bready and delicious, it makes me sad i never tried one. i love all of your props for this shoot!

have fun at the wedding! the dresses are adorable!

Kaycee - I was hoping for a recipe, they look amazing! I am definitely stopping by there when I am in New York next! YUM!

Ashley - LOVE the creativity in this post. You are so very talented. I’m loving your portfolio. Simple and very easy to navigate. It focuses on the photos, as it should! ;) The “light food” section is killing me!!! Delicious.

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