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What’s The Best Lens For Landscape Photography ? Update 08/2022

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In the same way that an artist’s arsenal of paintbrushes allows them to change the way a canvas looks, photographers have an assortment of lenses at their disposal. Wide-angle shots, close-ups, isolating subjects, and keeping the entire scene in or out of focus are all possible with these lenses. Compared to studio or portrait photography, […]

What Is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom? When And Why To Use Each Program Update 08/2022


In today’s professional photography, post-processing is an unavoidable and integral part of the process, whether in photojournalism or fashion. A good camera and lens combination is just as important as the software tool you use for post-processing your work efficiently. It should come as no surprise that there is a strong market for flexible and […]

Guide To Capturing Street Photography For Beginners Update 08/2022

street photography

What exactly do you mean by “cityscape” photography?” Street photography can be described and explained in a variety of ways, but definitions irritate me. They, in my opinion, severely curtail your options. And having a clear vision is critical. Street photography is nothing more than a way for me to record the passing of time. […]

Exposure Compensation: How To Use It Correctly Update 08/2022

exposure compensation

This article will explain what digital camera exposure compensation is and how to use it to fine-tune your exposure in modes like aperture priority, shutter priority, program mode, and more. To make it easier to capture properly exposed images, today’s cameras all have the ability to adjust the exposure settings. To put it another way, […]

How Does A Mirrorless Camera Work ? Update 08/2022


DSLR cameras use mirror mechanisms to reflect light into an optical viewfinder or pass it directly to the camera sensor, whereas mirrorless cameras do not (hence the name), which means that light passing through the lens always ends up on the imaging sensor.. Due to the lack of an optical viewfinder’s ability to reflect light, […]

What Are The Best Lenses For Night Photography? Update 08/2022

best lens for night photography

The best lenses for night photography will be discussed in this article. For most photographers, shooting at night poses a particular challenge. A camera’s ability to capture light is often determined by the quality of the sensor it uses and the lens it uses. There is a lot of natural light. If you had to […]

What Lens Should I Buy First? Update 08/2022

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Everyone in photography talks about lenses as the “holy grail” of photographic equipment. Photographers, whether novices or professionals, have always had a fascination with lenses. There’s a good reason for people’s infamous glass obsession, at least on some level. Lenses, rather than lighting equipment, have the greatest influence on the quality of a photograph. In […]

What Is Lens Compression In Photography ? Update 08/2022


A telephoto lens “flattens” or “compresses” the background, have you heard? What does this mean exactly? Both where you stand in relation to your subject when taking the photo and the focal length of the lens you use determine the perceived distance between your subject and the rest of the scene. I’m going to talk […]

The Secret: What Makes A Good Photograph ? Update 08/2022

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What characteristics distinguish a strong photograph? Is it a fascinating topic? How much is this camera going to cost me? Some of the worst photos ever taken have been with high-end DSLRs. Amazing photos have been captured with toy cameras. Even something as simple as a glass of water has been the subject of stunning […]

Setting Up A Good Digital Photography Workflow Update 08/2022

digital photography workflow

The term “workflow” may have come up in articles about photography and post-processing, especially if the author is a professional photographer. In this article, I’ll explain what a digital photography workflow is and how it works. Due to the large number of variables involved and the lack of a standard workflow that applies to everyone, […]