23 Newborn Photoshoot Ideas With Parents

The goal of newborn photography is to document a newborn’s first few days or weeks of life. We only have a limited amount of time to make wonderful memories.

You must always keep an eye out for the baby’s well-being. Your innovative ideas will come to fruition if you remember this.

Here are 20 creative newborn photography ideas to get you started!

What You Need For Newborn Photography

Photography skills are not necessary if you want to take beautiful newborn photos. Even if you’re a first-time parent, your smartphone can help you plan your own photo shoot at home.

Professional newborn photography equipment, of course, can enhance the quality of your images. However, the focus should be on creative photography ideas, lighting, props, and poses rather than technical aspects.

Small babies may not be interested in the entire photo shoot, but you can spice it up by using different props and locations. The addition of colorful clothing or props can liven up a photograph, but the use of natural light and muted colors also produces a stunning result.

You can pose the baby in a variety of ways, with or without the rest of the family present, as long as he or she is always comfortable and safe.

A few of our newborn photo ideas include props, lighting techniques, and poses that are specific to newborn photography sessions. You can combine them with each other to create a unique look.

1. Visualise The Season When The Baby Was Born

You can make use of the time of year that the baby was born to your advantage. Use props that are appropriate for the time of year.

As a result, the weather conditions can be depicted in your photograph. Pictures like “It was a scorching hot summer day when you were born” will be used to illustrate stories.

Additionally, seasonal props and decorations are easier to come by, and if the weather permits, you can even shoot outside.


2. Build a Photo Session Around Holidays

Your newborn photos should include holiday decorations or outfits if the baby was born around a holiday such as Christmas.

Seasonal newborn photo ideas are closely linked to this.. The focus can shift away from the weather and natural surroundings and instead be placed on the customary decorations and figures associated with the particular occasion.

Dress the baby up as a snowman, Santa, or a bunny for the photos, for example. There are plenty of adorable and entertaining choices!

3. Take Candid Photos in The Hospital

The hospital provides the first opportunity to photograph your newborn when they are still in the womb. Make an effort to blend in with the surroundings and avoid causing any disruption to the baby’s parents.

When parents hold their newborn baby for the first time, it’s a beautiful moment.

It’s also fun to photograph a baby sleeping on its mother’s or father’s tummy. Here, you’ll be able to capture some really beautiful candid shots that are both natural and intimate.

4. Capture Details in The Hospital

In the hospital, you can begin to place more emphasis on the finer points of your patient’s care. The baby’s name band, for example, serves as a cute scale for gauging how small the hands are. You can also take pictures of the baby’s hands, feet, or face.

Even newborns can be photographed up close without revealing your location. When someone plans their entire photoshoot to capture the couple’s first moments together, this is a helpful tip.

5. Photograph First Meetings

This newborn photo concept focuses on the reactions of the newborn’s parents, siblings, and other family members.

These kinds of photos can be taken at home, but they can also be taken in the hospital.

If you shoot in black and white, your photos will have a more documentary look and feel. Because it only records facial expressions rather than colors, it captures the perfect moments.

6. Capture The Everyday Activities of The Family

Bathing newborns is a part of every day life for most families. It may seem insignificant, but to the family it holds a lot of significance.

Include the baby’s feeding and dressing in your photo shoot as an option, if desired.

These events take place solely within their sphere of influence. As a result, it’s a simple way to convey intimacy and parental concern for the newborn.

7. Capture The Sleeping Baby In The Parents’ Arms

It’s adorable to see a newborn sleeping. However, photos of them sleeping in their parents’ arms are precious because they capture their parents’ intimacy with them.

These images are so beautiful because they represent the connection between the child and the parent.

Also, these candid moments from a family’s daily life can be used to lull the baby to sleep if that is how the family normally does it.

8. Photograph The Mother And The Baby During Breastfeeding

The most natural thing for a new mother to do is breastfeed her child. Try to capture the mother’s calm and intimate moments with her baby at this time.

Your images don’t have to include everything. A picture is worth a thousand words if the pose and composition are well-executed.

This concept emphasizes the importance of the mother-child bond and the love shared between them.

9. Try Flat Lays

Adding interest to your photos is easy when you shoot from a variety of perspectives. You can take flat lay photos of the newborns if you’re shooting from above.

These compositions allow you to use almost any kind of decoration you want.

It’s also a good idea to show the baby’s weight and length creatively written on various objects or cards. You can track your child’s growth by using the same image month after month.

10. Capture Tiny Hands And Feet Under a Blanket

Considering how adorable a baby’s hands and feet are, these photo ideas are probably already on your mind. Even so, don’t forget to get a few up-close shots of your new baby during your photo shoot.

You can make a baby look even cuter by wrapping a blanket around its limbs or arms.

11. Capture The Feet Using the Parents’ hands as Scale

A quite basic, but definitely necessary point on the list of newborn photo ideas. By asking the parents to hold the baby’s feet, you can include them in your baby photos.

The scales can be used to demonstrate how small the baby really is. As an added bonus, this serves as another opportunity to draw attention to their shared connection.

Composing like this emphasizes how closely they are knit together.

12. Capture How The Parents Are Holding the Baby’s Head

Just like a baby’s hands and feet, the head is adorable as well. Have a parent gently hold the baby’s head in both hands while holding the baby.

This adorable newborn pose resembles a warm hug and depicts how parents protect their infants.

To capture the entire scene, use a wider composition. Even so, a close-up of just the hands and the face is equally stunning.

13. Ask the Parents to Hold The Baby Together

It’s possible that holding the baby with both hands from both sides represents the support of the parents. It demonstrates their mutual trust as well as their commitment to keeping the baby safe.

It’s a well-crafted piece with a significant message. They also act as a scale for the newborn’s diminutive size.

14. Ask One Parent to Touch Noses With The Baby

With this pose, you’ll be able to capture your newborn in an intimate setting. Have one of the parents hold the baby while the other touches the baby’s nose with theirs.

This way they inevitably look at each other, and this eye connection connects them on a deep level.

It also serves as an effective way to draw attention to their shared characteristics.

15. Capture How The Baby Cries

People cry from time to time. Particularly when we are still infants. This isn’t a common addition to newborn photo ideas, but it’s well worth a shot nonetheless.

If your newborn starts crying during your photo shoot, don’t freak out.

Take advantage of these moments to document the parents’ efforts to soothe their children. This method allows you to capture some naturally occurring candid moments.

16. Capture Yawns

When a baby yawns, it’s impossible not to smile. Take advantage of the momentum you’re currently experiencing and hold onto it for the foreseeable future.

In the end, you’ll have some amusing photos that your parents will adore.

It doesn’t matter which of the newborn photo concepts you prefer; yawns will happen at any time. As a result, get your camera ready to snap pictures of them!

17. Dress the Baby as a Toy

Take adorable pictures of the baby dressed as the toys you have around them at home or in a studio.

Your baby photos will have a more serene, yet playful feel to them with this effect. You can use the baby’s own toys, but any other small decoration will work just fine.

18. Use Tiny Teddy Bears as Props

Include a tiny teddy bear in a newborn photo, and it will not only be adorable but also serve as a scale for the photographer.

Your parents can have the bear if you wish. If you are the parent, just keep it for yourselves.

Compared to the babies, the bear appeared enormous, and when they grow up, that same bear vanishes into thin air.

19. Take a Family Portrait

If both parents are holding the newborn, snap a few photos to document the occasion.

It’s hard to imagine a better way to preserve a special moment than with a photograph like this. There’s a good chance they’ll frame a print of it and hang it in their house.

This central concept lends itself to a plethora of photo compositions. Rather, we recommend starting with a picture that emphasizes the group’s unity and cohesiveness.

Get them to hold hands and gaze at the baby while you ask them to exchange hugs. As a result, they’ll be even closer and more in love. It completes the composition even more if you put them all in the frame.

Working with a single parent makes it easier to implement the concept because there is only one other responsible adult present.

20. Try Backlighting For An Intimate Atmosphere

If you can light your subject or subjects from the back with natural light, do it. Of course, you could do this in a studio, but soft, ambient light is preferable.

It helps your photos have a sense of balance and serenity when using it. Use a light that isn’t too harsh because you want to be able to see some details in the darker areas as well.

Several different poses can be achieved using this one prop alone. However, shooting subjects from the side makes them easier to identify.

21. Choose a Color Scheme

When it comes to newborn baby photoshoot ideas, using complementary colors or going monochromatic both work well. For more ideas, look at the color wheel. Then talk to your customers to make sure they’re on board with your vision.

22. Include Parents, Siblings & Furry Friends

Aside from the fact that it’s adorable, this is an aspect of newborn baby photoshoot ideas that’s often overlooked. There is so much work that goes into taking newborn portraits that sometimes we forget to include the important people in the family! Take a picture of the new baby with your furry family members while you can (and non-furry ones too).

23. Warn The Clients

You must make sure that the parents of the baby know what to expect and how to prepare if you want a successful photo session with newborn photo ideas. Send them a note with some advice and your newborn photoshoot ideas in it to get them both psyched up for the big day. A complete description of the session’s plans, as well as an easy preparation guide, are included in email templates. Tell your clients what you’ll be bringing with you, how long the shoot will last, and ask them to keep the house warm even though you’ll be bringing a space heater.


With so many different options for newborn photography, the possibilities are virtually limitless. These pointers are open to personalization.

These photos can be taken by anyone, even if you’re not a professional photographer. Before you begin taking pictures, gather your thoughts because the baby’s patience is finite.

Spend as little time as possible looking at each picture after you take it. Your goal is to not make the newborn feel overwhelmed during the session.

Remember, you don’t have to use everything on our list exactly. The best photos aren’t always staged.

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