What Is Bokeh In Photography, And How Do You Create It ? Update 10/2021

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Bokeh, also referred to as “Boke,” is a popular photographic subject. It’s so popular because Bokeh enhances the visual appeal of photographs, causing us to pay closer attention to a specific part of the image. The word “blur” is a borrowing from Japanese, where it means “to distort”. 1. What Is Bokeh ? Since the […]

Understanding Focal Length And How To Use It Update 10/2021


Focal length is a confusing concept for many photographers. Some people believe that the focal length of a lens determines its physical size, but this is not true. So, what exactly are we dealing with here? In this article, I’ll explain how to choose the right focal length for your particular photographic style. 1. Definition […]

Introduction To Shutter Speed In Digital Photography Update 10/2021

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Photography is an art form that combines science with art. Even though it appears to be twice as difficult, once you grasp the fundamentals of these two aspects, you’ll be able to combine them in almost limitless ways to express your artistic vision. A good example is the camera’s shutter speed. In terms of shutter […]

Depth Of Field Photography: The Essential Guide Update 10/2021

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A crucial concept in photography is depth of field (DoF). All photographers should be able to define DoF and identify the factors that influence it. Many photographers are aware that changing the aperture affects depth of field (DoF). However, did you know that DoF is also influenced by other variables? In this article, I’ll go […]

21 Unusual Macro Photography Ideas Update 10/2021

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Macro photography relies on photographing small objects and enlarging them beyond their 1:1 ratio. Smartphone cameras, as well as DSLRs and mirrorless models, are ideal for documenting the minutiae of everyday life. What Is Macro Photography ? Macro lenses, extension tubes, bellows, and reverse adapter rings can all be used to capture images of small […]