17 Photography Tips Iphone 12 Pro Max Update 08/2022

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With the new iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple has introduced a brand new camera technology called “Dual Optical Image Stabilization” (OIS) that promises to deliver better images and videos. This feature is available in the new 12MP dual rear camera and the 12MP front-facing camera, and it can be enabled or disabled at will.
If you are looking for photography tips for iPhone 12 Pro Max, you are in the right place. Here we will discuss some of the most important tips for photography on iPhone 12 Pro Max.

1. Know When To Use The Different Lenses

You can quickly switch between the normal, wide, and zoomed views on your phone while standing in front of a beautiful scene. It’s more difficult to understand why one view might be better than the other for a particular composition, however. You’ll need to pause and focus on the most important elements in the scene before you if you want to figure it out.

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By switching to the ultrawide lens, I was able to capture this mooring rope as foreground interest, which really ties the scene together.

When I look at an image, I see trees, sign posts, and street lights surrounding a statue or an impressive building. Is that something you want to capture? With the telephoto lens, you can get closer to your subject while still isolating it from the rest of the scene. Simplifying your scene will help your subject stand out in the photograph, even if you have to move back and zoom in to keep it in focus.

However, it’s possible that the extra elements in the background add the most to the scene and help you understand where you are. You’ll be able to capture those objects if you use the standard zoom. In order to keep your subject from getting lost in the background, you may want to move closer and find interesting foreground objects (a patch of flowers, a cool-looking rock) to add to the composition before switching to the super wide view.

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Waiting until the evening for this shot really paid off, with an incredible fiery sunset.

2. Revisit At Different Times Of Day

Because of the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s amazing low-light capabilities, you are no longer restricted to taking photos only during the middle of the day when the sun is at its strongest. When the sun comes up or sets, expect the sky to be more colorful and the light to have greater contrast. Getting up early for landscape photography can often result in the best results, and it’s something worth remembering if you can handle the early morning hours.

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Only 10 minutes earlier, this was the same scene. Fine, but with none of that Edinburgh sunset drama.

Even if you’re only in town for a short time, you should try a sunrise shoot at least once while you’re there so you can see how the locations you’ve already discovered change under the new light. This is what will set your photos apart from the countless others on Instagram taken right after a cup of coffee in the morning.

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The 12 Pro Max’s improved Night mode can take amazing shots in very dark conditions.

3. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

Also, don’t believe the myth that you must stop shooting once the light is gone for good. In terms of night photography, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is head and shoulders above the competition. Night shots of cities, lit by cars, bright shop windows, and even holiday decorations, make for great subject matter. If it rains, don’t worry; the wet streets will reflect the lights, making for an amazing display.

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The original image on the left is a fair snap, but with a moody black and white edit it has a lot more atmosphere and works much better as a shot.

4. Focus On Your Editing

Whether you shoot in raw or JPEG, editing is essential if you want to produce visually stunning images. It’s important to start with a good image, so make sure you’ve followed the preceding advice. However, good editing can be the most important step in transforming a standard photograph into award-worthy art.

Most of my phone editing is done in Adobe Lightroom Mobile. Color and exposure can be adjusted at a granular level thanks to this powerful professional tool. You can use Google’s Snapseed if you don’t want to pay a monthly fee. Snapseed is free and has many excellent features for making the most of your photographs, including a variety of film effects that give your photographs a beautiful color tone.

Apps like Bazaart and PicsArt, which offer a variety of tools and effects for compositing images and turning photos into often bizarre works of modern art, are good places to start if you want to get a little wild and creative. For more inspiration, have a look at my roundup of image editing apps.

5. Photo Mode

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The default setting for the Camera app is Photo mode, which gives you a variety of options when taking a picture. By pressing the appropriate button on the screen, you can zoom out to 0.5x, zoom in to two or three times (depending on your phone) or stay within the normal range when using Photo mode in the camera.

It’s also possible to open up a zoom dial by pressing down on one of the three zoom ranges and squeezing your fingers apart or together to move the zoom in smaller increments. When using the iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max, you can digitally zoom up to a whopping 10x or 12x.

If the scene is too dark for natural light, you can set the flash to automatically turn on; otherwise, you can turn it off to only use the light that’s available. Flash will be used if the automatic setting is selected and the flash icon turns yellow.

The QuickTake function allows you to quickly record video in Photo mode without having to switch to Video mode first. Start recording video by pressing and holding the shutter button. Release your finger from the shutter button after swiping it to the right to release it without stopping the video.

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The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max have three cameras, so they can take pictures that aren’t in the frame right now. Use the portrait or landscape modes on your phone. Go beyond the 0.7x magnification level to get a closer look. Outside of the shot you’re framing, the screen shows you where the subject is located. In order to get the photo that you want, this feature will help you decide whether to reframe the shot or use a different lens.

6. Try Harder 

Because smartphones are so easy to use that you can just point and shoot, we’re led to believe that nothing needs to be done. It stands to reason that the more creativity you put into something, the more you’ll receive from it. To avoid having your iPhone held at chin height while shooting, try a different stance. You’ll get a fresh perspective if you look at things from low or high, tilted upwards or downwards. Keep your thumb away from the lens if you can (especially if you have a Pro iPhone with three cameras), but this is a minimum requirement.

7. Night Mode

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With the new Night Mode on the iPhone 11, you can now take high-quality photos even in low light. When the iPhone detects low light, a moon-shaped icon appears on the screen to indicate that Night mode is on. You don’t have to do anything to activate Night mode.

The phone’s shutter is extended by several seconds when taking pictures in low light. If you want a better image, you want to make sure you have the proper amount of light entering the lens. Holding the phone still for a certain amount of time is indicated by a timer icon next to it.

The Night mode scale appears when you tap that icon, and you can adjust the exposure manually. Adjust the exposure time by swiping up or down the vertical scale line. Typical exposure times range from one to three seconds. An iPhone mounted on a tripod, on the other hand, allows for exposure times up to 30 seconds.

8. HDR and Live Photos

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The HDR icon can be found in the upper-right corner (High Dynamic Range). When this setting is on, your phone will take multiple photos at once and combine them to highlight the best parts of each one. Toggle HDR on or off by pressing the HDR button. The next best thing to HDR is Live Photos, which captures a short video clip 1.5 seconds before and after you take the picture. With a single tap, you can enable or disable this feature.

9. Portrait Mode

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Using the Portrait mode, you can create portraits that look like they were taken in a professional studio by focusing on the subject in the foreground and softening the background. The app will provide guidelines and suggestions as you set up your shot to help you get the best possible shot.

By pressing the appropriate buttons or swiping and pinching your fingers on the screen, you can zoom in and out up to 2.5 times. Just make sure you’ve got the right settings for flash, night mode, and HDR. If you want a blurry background, you can use the depth of field slider at the bottom of the F stop icon to control it.

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To see the panel at the bottom, press the Up arrow. Using this menu, you have access to all the camera’s settings including shutter speed and aperture, as well as HDR and filters. Before you take a picture, you can experiment with different filters by swiping through the screen.

10. Camera Options

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Tap the up arrow in the middle of the screen to reveal additional controls. The flash, Night mode, and Live Photos can all be adjusted in the panel at the bottom of the camera’s interface. Change the photo’s aspect ratio to square, 4:3, or 16:9 by tapping the aspect ratio button.

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Swiping the exposure dial while holding down the +/- button increases or decreases the camera’s exposure. Set a three- or ten-second timer by pressing the timer button before taking pictures.

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In order to use a filter on your photo, tap the color icon. You can choose from a variety of filters like Vivid to add a pop of color. Toggle the HDR feature on or off using the HDR button.

11. Time-Lapse Mode

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You can record videos in Time-Lapse mode that speed up the action when played back. Make an image of the approaching storm clouds, yourself getting your hair done, or the scenery while driving on a narrow road, for example A tripod may be the best option if you plan on taking many long exposures with your phone.

The rear cameras allow you to zoom out to 0.5x, stay at 1x, or zoom in by two or three times by pressing the appropriate button on the remote control If you’d like to adjust the exposure, tap the top arrow to bring up the Exposure scale at the bottom. To switch between the front and back cameras, tap the Rotation icon in the lower right corner of the screen. To start and stop the process, press the Shutter button twice.

12. Slow-Mo Mode

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Slow-Mo mode is available on both the front and back cameras. Rear camera zooms in at 2x or 2.5x by tapping the appropriate button. You can also move your fingers apart on the screen to zoom in at 6x for a total of a total of 0.5x, 1x, or 2.5x.

Slow-frame Mo’s rate can be changed from 120 to 240 frames per second by tapping the number in the upper right. To switch between the front and rear cameras, tap the Rotation icon in the lower right corner of the screen. You can start and stop the video by pressing the Shutter button, or you can move the button to the right to fix it.

13. Pano Mode

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By moving your phone at 0.5x, 1x, or 2x the normal speed, you can take a panoramic photo while in Pano mode. Then, when you’re ready, press the Shutter button and slowly rotate your phone to capture the entire scene. As much as possible, maintain a straight horizontal arrow on the phone to ensure it remains steady and level. After that, it’s all put together into one big picture.

14. Camera Formats

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In the Camera Capture sections of Settings > Camera > Formats, you can alter the image format your camera uses to capture images. The HEIF (also known as HEIC) file format is used by High Efficiency because it is more flexible, uses less space, and provides more editing options. However, third-party software does not support it as widely, so choosing Most Compatible will take a picture in JPG format.

Additionally, if you have iOS 14.3 or later, you have the option of saving your photos in RAW format, which preserves the original quality of the image but uses more storage.

15. Preserve Settings

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After closing the Camera app by default, all settings are reset to their default values, but this can be changed in Settings > Camera by selecting Preserve Settings from the drop-down menu. With these choices, you can keep your most recently used settings and configurations.

16. Camera Controls and Composition

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A few options can be found in the Camera app’s settings, under Settings > Camera. Use the Volume Up button on the side of your phone to quickly take a series of photos by turning on Use Volume Up for Burst.

If you’re having trouble lining up your shots, turn on the grid display in the Composition section. On the front camera, you can use Mirror Front Camera to take a picture of yourself or another subject and have it flipped like you would in a mirror. View Outside the Frame enables you to see what’s outside the current shot.

17. Photo Capture Settings

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Settings > Camera’s Scene Detection feature uses image recognition to better capture familiar objects and scenes under the Photo Capture section in the menu bar. Toggle When shooting in Burst mode, keep Faster Shooting selected to preserve image quality. In the case of front and ultrawide cameras, Lens Correction corrects the distortion. When Smart HDR is enabled, all photos are taken with HDR enabled by default.


Photography is a very interesting thing that you can do with your phone. It is a very interesting hobby and it is a great way to express yourself and show others what you like. Photography is a very useful skill because you can use it to capture amazing moments and memories. We hope that this article above will help you learn more about photography.