21 Unusual Macro Photography Ideas Update 09/2022

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Macro photography relies on photographing small objects and enlarging them beyond their 1:1 ratio. Smartphone cameras, as well as DSLRs and mirrorless models, are ideal for documenting the minutiae of everyday life.

What Is Macro Photography ?

Macro lenses, extension tubes, bellows, and reverse adapter rings can all be used to capture images of small objects.

The closer the focus distance, the better. As a result, the magnification is greater than with a standard lens. The focus distance ring on some lenses has a macro setting printed on it. These lenses are close to being macro, but not quite.

The term “true macro” refers to something entirely different. A subject appears to be the same size as the camera sensor when the image is captured. As a result, the magnification is equal to one hundred times normal size.

In this article, we’ll go over macro photography gear and techniques in greater detail. Where and when to take macro photos will be the focus of this article.

The most difficult part is deciding on a topic. Beginners mistakenly believe that in order to take interesting macro photographs, they must be outside among exotic flowers and insects. However, interesting macro scenes can be found almost anywhere.

Take a look around where you are now! If you look around, I’m confident you’ll discover a few ideas for essays that excite you.

For that reason, we’ve put together this list of 21 creative macro photography tips to get you started.

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1. Ice Crystals and Ice Cubes

You don’t have to live in Winter Wonderland to see ice crystals; they’re all around you.

All the good macro photography ideas and subjects are hidden in a frosty fridge. If you have access to real snowflakes, that would work as well.

However, ordinary ice cubes are perfect for macro photography because of their small size. You can make them appear to be crystals or diamonds by applying special effects to them. Light and depth of field are the only controls you’ll need to fiddle with.

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2. Bubbles in Drinks

It’s not just about quenching your thirst that you should drink a carbonated beverage or a cold beer. It’s possible you’ll want to make use of them or your macro photography.

Prepare and serve the drink in a glass or container that is appropriate for your subject. Allow the sparkling wine’s bubbles to form chains in an elongated champagne glass. Serve the drink in a glass from a well-known coke brand if you have one.

Did your macro photography session leave you exhausted? You are in possession of a welcome reprieve. Cheers!

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3. Souvenirs and Postcards

Many of us cannot afford to travel because of lack of time or money. Do you recall how much fun it was in 2020?

A great way to use your macro photography is to make a souvenir out of it. They also make traveling a lot more bearable.

Set up a small scene that reflects the typical ambiance of the location you’re visiting. Do you have a keychain with a picture of the Great Seal? Put it on a London post card with a teabag and mail it. You’ve enjoyed a traditional English tea party.

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4. Makeup Items

Organize your make-up bag and make a shambles of it. Growing up, I used to play with my mother’s makeup and melt her lip glosses. In the sunlight, the powder’s tiny crystals glistened.

However, you do not have to demolish your own or someone else’s make-up stash. Drizzle a small amount on a piece of paper or a variety of different surfaces.

As a result, no one will be enraged by your innovative macro photography approaches.

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5. Stones and Minerals

Even in front of your door, you can find stones. At first, they may not appear to be very interesting. However, you can use them as macro subjects in your photography because of their small size.

They work together to create a recurring pattern in which no two stones or rocks are the same as each other. Color, shape, and texture will all be unique.

Use them individually or in a group. Adjusting the depth of field will produce different results. There’s no way to go wrong here.

When I was younger, I enjoyed collecting the minerals that were included in the monthly magazines I received in the mail. You can use the crystallized elements as inspiration for your macro photography.

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6. Fruits and Vegetables

Macro photography of fruits and vegetables is an excellent place to begin. You’re already halfway there if you have any lying around the house.

You discover a whole new world when you examine them closely. They’ll provide you with a wide range of color and contrast options, as well as interesting shapes, textures, and patterns. Their presence can be amplified by making them abstract or by blowing them up to life-size proportions.

You can also cut them in half and use a macro lens to capture the details of the interior. Fruits like oranges, lemons, and kiwis make for interesting photographs.

What if you want to add a little pizazz to things? When it comes to macro photography, passion fruits, pomegranates, and figs are all excellent subjects.

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7. Rust and Peeling Paint

Rust and peeling paint are excellent ways to demonstrate the passage of time. Because images are static, it’s difficult to convey the passage of time or movement.

Rust and peeling paint evoke memories of times past. A shabby structure that hasn’t received any maintenance or attention. Aside from that, they add a wonderful texture that is amplified by the natural, varying degrees of devastation.

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8. Feathers

This list contains many natural objects for a reason. The natural world is something we all appreciate. There is so much to photograph here. Due to the fact that many people do not get to see things as closely as you do, interest grows.

Most people have never seen a feather up close. However, your macro photography will allow you to demonstrate this to them.

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9. Textiles

Working with clothing and textiles is a cinch. There’s a good chance you already have a wide range of them in your house.

Various threads and color shifts are all photogenic. When you’re getting close, it’s especially scary.

The ability to abstract is a valuable skill. Textiles are also malleable due to their make-up. Textures, patterns, and compositional lines can all be used to help draw the viewer’s attention to your work.

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10. Household Items

There is no need to buy anything special to use common household items for macro photography. Buying flowers, clothes, or insects isn’t necessary. You can make do without them.

Take a walk around your house and see what catches your eye when you get up close and personal with it. There is a whole world living on every single thing you own.

Items you already own can be used to create stunning landscapes, aerial photos, and cityscapes.

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11. Leaves

Macro photography ideas can be found in almost anything natural. The variety of leaves is one of their best features. Following their demise from the tree, they undergo a variety of transformations.

When working with this subject, you can experiment by displaying the change in seasons through the use of color. They resemble an aerial photograph of a river with tributaries in terms of texture.

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12. Food Photography

Food that tastes great! When it comes to food photography, macro photography is where it really shines.

Nobody can resist the sight of beautifully decorated plates piled high with delectable fare. Macro photos of larger food items can be taken up close and personal with your camera.

Small pieces such as candy or even colorful sugar sprinkles can be used as an alternative to the larger ones. The beauty, texture, and colors are brought out in the viewer’s taste palette when they are seen up close and personal.

The best part of food photography is that you get to consume the products you’re photographing while you’re working.

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 13. Water Droplets

It’s a pleasure to work with water droplets. You can either wait until it rains to use them, or you can make them with a spray gun and some water.

There is a texture to your image because of these droplets. They allow you to remove the background and let the colors pop.

Intriguingly, they resemble miniature crystal balls, utilizing objects found in the environment to sharpen them to a point.

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14. Jewellery

To see what a macro lens can do to beautiful metal pieces encrusted with precious gems, try your hand at product photography.

With a macro lens, you can get sharp focus on the jewelry’s most appealing features while also capturing the interesting bokeh that the metal creates.

On the plus side, they’ll appear much larger than they actually are, transforming miniature works of art into grandiose collectibles.

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15. Abstract

Photographing abstract macro subjects is one of the simplest photographic projects you can undertake. Just by getting closer to something, you can transform it into an abstraction.

They’re the images that draw people in and keep them there for a long time as they try to decipher what they mean. That scrunched-up piece of aluminum foil may have been nothing to you, but your viewers may consider it one of the most intriguing images they’ve ever seen.

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16. Patterns

There are patterns all around us. Take a fresh look at the things you have around the house and see what you think. Macro photography ideas abound in nature because of the way things repeat themselves.

Using macro photography to capture patterns can enhance your abstract and textured images. Look around you for colors, and then start shooting.

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17. Textures

The use of texture in macro photography opens up a world of possibilities. Even if you can’t touch something, you can feel its texture. Spices, for example, or anything in powder form can give you that rough appearance.

Colors abound, grains come in a wide range of sizes, and the shapes can even be manipulated to create hills and valleys.

Depending on your imagination, it can also cross over into the realm of abstract macro photography.

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18. Toys

Toys are being used in macro photography more and more these days. They can be used in a wide variety of scenarios, from the most abstract to those that closely resemble human life.

When used in conjunction with a tilt-shift effect, viewers may question whether or not they are seeing something realistic. If you have children, enlisting their assistance will be a blast for everyone involved.

Who are we to say? Adults love toys just as much as kids do.

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19. Insects

Insects can be fascinating or terrifying, depending on your point of view. Particularly when enlarged to the magnifications available through macro photography.

With the right camera and lens, you can magnify these nocturnal creatures into monstrous ones. Unknown to the naked eye, there is an entire other world out there.

One of the most difficult subjects to photograph is insects at close range, due to the fact that they are constantly on the move and unpredictable. However, nothing worthwhile has ever been achieved without effort.

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20. Flowers

Flowers are aesthetically pleasing due to their vibrant hues. There are over 400,000 different species of flowers, so you’ll never get bored. They’re available in a wide range of sizes and forms.

As a result, you get to go on a world tour in search of some of the most difficult to reach places. Getting up close and personal is an excellent way to demonstrate the diversity of our natural environment.

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21. Eyes

The eyes are the most important feature of the body. For starters, we put them to good use for all of our photography needs. For this reason, we use them to convey our emotions without saying a word.

The eyes are the first thing people see when they pass you on the street, so pay attention to them. Full-body photos don’t tell you much about someone unless you look them straight in the eye.

The colors and patterns of the eyes reveal a lot about our ancestry, and they are incredibly beautiful and one-of-a-kind. Using these, you aren’t restricted to just capturing people’s eyes.

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At first glance, macro photography may appear to be difficult. However, in practice, it’s a lot of fun! In fact, very little gear is required. You only need a macro lens and a camera to get good results.

You don’t even have to leave your house to take pictures of things you find in your neighborhood.

If you’re stuck for ideas, try one of the suggestions listed above and see what happens!